Mark Fordyce, CPA

Mark Fordyce

Mark Fordyce, CPA*

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Blue River, Mr. Mark Fordyce was the Chief Financial Officer of Swank Capital. Swank Capital is an Investment Advisor that managed approximately $2.2 Billion at its peak in 2007 through multiple Hedge Funds and one registered public closed-end fund, investing primarily in master limited partnerships (MLPs) and global resources. In this role, Mr. Fordyce managed all aspects of operations, finance, accounting, tax, information technology, and human resources. He was also instrumental in the development and launch of new Fund offerings (registered, unregistered, domestic, offshore, and master-feeder structures).

Prior to joining Swank, Mr. Fordyce was primarily responsible for the launch of three new advisory businesses – Durango Partners, Caprock Capital Partners, and Hercules Partners. The investment strategies of these Fund structures included convertible arbitrage, merger arbitrage, equity long-short, commodities, bank debt, options, and total return swaps. Mr. Fordyce served in the role of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of all three Fund structures.

Mr. Fordyce’s experience also includes negotiating lines of credit, financing spreads, commissions, and stock loan arrangements; developing operating budgets and forecasts for the management companies; evaluating interest rate exposure and hedging alternatives; performing tax research and planning; cultivating and managing broker and counterparty relationships; managing investor communications and relationships; evaluating and monitoring counterparty exposure; trading equities and options; and managing leverage limits on financing arrangements.

Prior to his 10 years of experience working with investment funds, Mr. Fordyce had 12 years of experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, serving as Director and Managing Director in their respective tax practices.

Mr. Fordyce received a Bachelor of Accounting with highest honors from New Mexico State University in 1988. Mr. Fordyce is a Certified Public Accountant.