Blue River Partners Provides a Comprehensive Solution as Cybersecurity Continues to Threaten the Investment Management Industry

DALLAS (October 5, 2016) – Recent headlines continue to shed light on the growing worldwide cybersecurity crisis. We have witnessed enormous, real-life cybersecurity breaches in every major industry, including banking, media, technology, transportation, government, and financial services. The alternative asset management industry is no different, with new reports of cyber hacks occurring on almost a […]

Election 2016: Wall Street’s Political Contributions Risk Running Afoul Of Federal Laws

June 11 2015 | Owen Davis – International Business Times Election 2016: Wall Street’s Political Contributions Risk Running Afoul Of Federal Laws Every campaign season, hedge funds and private equity firms spend vast sums to influence political contests. If 2016 keeps pace with previous electoral cycles, the two finance sectors will pump more than $200 […]

Little investors falling prey to shady small-time operators

April 26, 2015 | John Aidan Byrne – Little investors falling prey to shady small-time operators Average Joes are finding big trouble in little pools. The smaller investors looking to land big hedge-fund and private-equity returns are falling prey to small-time operators, according to an industry study. While the bulk of asset managers are […]

Led By Hedge Funds, Alt Assets Approach $7T

Jan 21 2015 | 11:26am ET – Led By Hedge Funds, Alt Assets Approach $7T Thanks in large part to hedge funds, the global alternative assets industry attracted an estimated $690 billion in 2014, bringing total assets under management to a whopping $6.91 trillion. Preqin’s 2015 Global Alternatives Report examined inflows for hedge funds, […]

Hedge Fund Branding Continues to Drive a Majority Of Asset Flows

Aug 12, 2014 Don Steinbrugge – Since the market correction of 2008, a vast majority of hedge fund net asset flows have gone to a small minority of hedge funds with the strongest brands. A brand is an investor’s perception of the overall quality of a hedge fund based on multiple evaluation factors that […]

First SEC Action re Retaliation Against a Dodd-Frank Whistleblower

The SEC has brought its first action against an investment adviser for retaliating against a Dodd-Frank whistleblower.

Private Fund Salesperson Pays $22 Million for Failing to Register

An unlicensed salesperson agreed to pay over $22 Million in disgorgement, penalties, and interest to settle charges that he sold interests in a private fund without registering as a broker-dealer or becoming associated with a broker-dealer. The SEC asserts that the defendant “met with prospective investors in person, spoke with them on the telephone, or […]

SEC Finds PE Funds Overcharging Portfolio Firms

Apr 14 2014 | 11:06am ET – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission examined 400 private equity firms and found that more than half inflated the fees and expenses charged to portfolio companies. Citing a person “with knowledge of the SEC’s findings,”Bloomberg reported that while some of the problems seem to represent mistakes, some […]

New SEC Examination Initiative

Regulatory Compliance Association – February 21, 2014 On February 19th, the SEC announced that OCIE launched an initiative targeting “never-examined” Fund Managers & RIAs. The thrust of this Initiative is to “examine a “significant percentage” of Advisers”, which have eluded a comprehensive inspection since their registration. These detailed examinations will include a complete inspection of […]

Hedge Fund Firms Spend Significant Costs on Compliance

KPMG, together with the Alternative Investment Management Association and the Managed Funds Association, conducted a survey of global hedge fund managers, which reports that firms spend more than 7% percent of their total operating costs and over 10 basis points (as a percentage of AUM) on compliance. Small firms (less than $250 Million in AUM) […]