Led By Hedge Funds, Alt Assets Approach $7T

Jan 21 2015 | 11:26am ET – FINalternatives.com Led By Hedge Funds, Alt Assets Approach $7T Thanks in large part to hedge funds, the global alternative assets industry attracted an estimated $690 billion in 2014, bringing total assets under management to a whopping $6.91 trillion. Preqin’s 2015 Global Alternatives Report examined inflows for hedge funds, […]

SEC Launches ‘Sweep’ Of Alternative Mutual Funds

Aug 13 2014 | 11:16am ET – FINalternatives.com The Securities and Exchange Commission is casting a skeptical eye on one of the fastest-growing trends in alternative investments: hedge-fund like mutual funds. The regulator has begun a “sweep” of the alternative mutual fund industry, The Wall Street Journal reports. For now, the SEC’s mission is information-gathering, […]

Hedge Fund Branding Continues to Drive a Majority Of Asset Flows

Aug 12, 2014 Don Steinbrugge – evestment.com Since the market correction of 2008, a vast majority of hedge fund net asset flows have gone to a small minority of hedge funds with the strongest brands. A brand is an investor’s perception of the overall quality of a hedge fund based on multiple evaluation factors that […]

Investors Striking Closer Ties With Hedge Funds

www.ai-cio.com More evidence is emerging of investors striking up bespoke partnerships with hedge funds. Institutional investors are taking a more direct approach than ever in their allocations to hedge fund strategies, according to a survey by the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and Barclays. The survey questioned 30 major asset owners with a total of […]

Private Fund Salesperson Pays $22 Million for Failing to Register

An unlicensed salesperson agreed to pay over $22 Million in disgorgement, penalties, and interest to settle charges that he sold interests in a private fund without registering as a broker-dealer or becoming associated with a broker-dealer. The SEC asserts that the defendant “met with prospective investors in person, spoke with them on the telephone, or […]

Guest Article: Hedge Fund Third Party Marketers Are More Important Than Ever to Investors

evestment.com Feb 26, 2014 Jing Chen Average hedge fund performance has been mediocre at best over the past five years, which is not surprising because most of the asset flows have been concentrated in a small percentage of firms with the largest assets under management. Many of these firms have morphed into asset gatherers from […]

Hedge Funds Attract $17.5B In November

Jan 6 2014 | 10:18am ET – FINalternatives.com Hedge funds pulled in $17.5 billion in November (0.9% of assets), their highest inflows in six months, according to BarclayHedge and TrimTabs Investment Research. “The hedge fund industry has taken in a net $66.9 billion in 2013, a healthy turnaround from an outflow of $8.2 billion in […]

Hedge Funds Return 8%, Gain $225B In Assets In ’13

Jan 2 2014 | 9:55am ET – FINalternatives.com Hedge funds generated returns of 8.02% in 2013 (having returned 0.99% in December) and gained over US$225 billion in assets for the year. According to the latest Eurekahedge data, hedge fund managers were up 2.53% in H1 2013 and 5.36% in H2. In terms of strategies, distressed […]

Volcker Rule Approved

Dec 10 2013 | 3:05pm ET – FINalternatives.com Six years after the financial crisis began and more than three since it was mandated by Congress, U.S. regulators have approved the Volcker rule, barring banks from proprietary trading and strictly limiting their alternative investment activities. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Federal Reserve […]

Bermuda Expects More Hedge Fund Reinsurers

Nov 27 2013 | 10:59am ET – FINalternavtives.com Hedge funds are set to launch more reinsurers in Bermuda in the wake of Third Point Re’s successful initial public offering. Hedge fund-backed reinsurers were the talk of last week’s Ernst & Young Hedge Fund Symposium in Bermuda. The accounting firm’s Jessel Mendes told the assembled that […]