Blue River Partners Provides a Comprehensive Solution as Cybersecurity Continues to Threaten the Investment Management Industry

DALLAS (October 5, 2016) – Recent headlines continue to shed light on the growing worldwide cybersecurity crisis. We have witnessed enormous, real-life cybersecurity breaches in every major industry, including banking, media, technology, transportation, government, and financial services. The alternative asset management industry is no different, with new reports of cyber hacks occurring on almost a […]

Election 2016: Wall Street’s Political Contributions Risk Running Afoul Of Federal Laws

June 11 2015 | Owen Davis – International Business Times Election 2016: Wall Street’s Political Contributions Risk Running Afoul Of Federal Laws Every campaign season, hedge funds and private equity firms spend vast sums to influence political contests. If 2016 keeps pace with previous electoral cycles, the two finance sectors will pump more than $200 […]

Hedge Fund Firms Spend Significant Costs on Compliance

KPMG, together with the Alternative Investment Management Association and the Managed Funds Association, conducted a survey of global hedge fund managers, which reports that firms spend more than 7% percent of their total operating costs and over 10 basis points (as a percentage of AUM) on compliance. Small firms (less than $250 Million in AUM) […]

Hedge Funds Focus More Time, Personnel On Compliance

Oct 28 2013 | 1:22pm ET – Hedge fund chief compliance officers are dedicating up to 50% more time to legal compliance and regulatory matters, according to a new mini-poll from Deutsche Bank Markets Prime Finance In July 2013, DB surveyed 44 European and US hedge fund managers representing nearly $325 billion in assets […]

Report: HF Investors Stress Importance of Operational Due Diligence

Jul 02, 2013 – Jing Chen   A new report from Deutsche Bank indicates that investors are putting greater emphasis on hedge fund operational due diligence. 80% of the respondents revealed in Deutsche Bank’s second annual operational due diligence survey that they have a dedicated ODD team, and which they also conduct an average […]

SEC Bans Unlicensed Placement Agent from the Industry

This is a very important development for the alternative asset industry.  Historically many have viewed placement activity for private investment funds as a “grey” area of regulation.  This action by the SEC should be viewed as a lightning rod for our industry to clarify that raising capital for alternative asset funds for a commission requires […]

Blue River Partners, LLC Acquires Steelbridge Compliance, LLC

DALLAS, Oct. 25, 2011.  PRNewswire — Blue River Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Steelbridge Compliance, LLC, a consulting firm which has developed a national presence providing compliance related services to investment advisory firms of all sizes and asset classes. “This strategic acquisition allows us to aggregate the service offerings of the […]

Jena Bjornson Joins Blue River Partners

Blue River Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the newest member of its team, Jena Bjornson. Mrs. Bjornson is serving as Blue River’s managing director and is primarily responsible for the management of clients’ Compliance Programs. Prior to joining Blue River Partners, Mrs. Bjornson was the Director of Compliance for Carlson Capital, L.P., a Dallas […]